Project Description

This is a short promo of The Vanessa Jackson Show demo pilot I produced.
Our guests for the demo included award-winning hip hop artist Lady of Rage, playmate of the year Corinna Jones, award-winning documentary filmmaker Phil Valentine, Discovery channel’s Tanked child actor Dominic Diluzio, and attorney Marian Kamalani.

You can find Vanessa’s YouTube Channel for more content here

I produced a whole pitch package for the Talk Show. Here is the set design sketch if the show got greenlit.

Vanessa Jackson Show Concept Design

Vanessa Jackson Show Set Concept Design

But to keep things a reasonable budget for the demo, we did this for the set design.

Vanessa Jackson Show Very Rough Sketch 2

Vanessa Jackson Show demo very rough sketch of set design

Vanessa Jackson Show Demo Walls

Vanessa Jackson Show demo walls set design