Project Description

Stranger Official Selection 2014

A short film noir in Las Vegas
3-Line Synopsis:
In a romanticized view of old Las Vegas under mafia control, Stranger, the city’s best hitman let a target go and must accept the consequence. Being a man of principle he waits for his death and contemplates if his current set of rules are worth dying for.

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Medium Synopsis:
In this Romanticized fictionalization of a bustling 1920’s Las Vegas, The city is a flourishing gambling town ran by powerful businessmen and the mob. The good mayor has tried to limit the influence of the mob yet to no avail. Thus a silent battle is waged behind the scenes between the two opposing forces.

Stranger is the foremost elite enforcer of the mob. His strict set of codes and deadly nature has made him the most feared assassin in all of Vegas. One night stranger is given an assignment to ‘take care’ of the mayor.

For the first time in his career Stranger blotches the job. Because of this folly Stranger becomes a marked man. On the night of Stranger’s impending demise he frequents his favorite lounge. Watching the woman he’s sought after for month’s stranger recites his codes of ethics preparing himself for death.

As fate would have it, Iris approaches Stranger requesting to take him to lunch someday. Though shocked he agrees to her request. In doing this a chain reaction is set in motion in which Stranger continues to break the rules he’s lived by. He breaks another code by gunning down the man sent to kill him. Stranger decides that he must cut all ties to his life of crime to be with the woman he desires. Using his connections with the heads of casinos and rival mob families Stranger makes a daring play to eradicate all who threaten his or Iris’s life.

Onset Photography Stranger 3

Written by Dertrez Pressley

Directed by Brandon Christensen

Cinematography by Matthew Greene

Produced by:
Brandon Christensen
Dertrez Pressley
Matthew Greene
David AE Levy
and Rusty Meyers

Gabriel Burrafato as Stranger
Nathalie Ben-Kely as Iris
Rusty Meyers as Bartender
Billy Gilbride as Man in Black Suit
Olga Vee as Waitress
Anh Rhodes as Girlfriend
Isaac Bailey Jr as Boyfriend
Jean-Paul Mullaly as Man at Bar 1
Lamont Witcher as Man at Bar 2
Tony Mesa as Extra 1
Elicia Stokes Navarro as Extra 2
Brian Scott as Extra 3
Kyle Vonn Elzey as Extra 4
Anne-Marrie Somers as Extra 5

Camera Operator – Brandon Christensen
Steadicam Operator – Matthew Greene
Grip – Bobby Soto
Sound – Jimmy Doyle
Sound – Daniel J Sisneros
Make Up/Hair – Biancia Sosa
Production Assistant – Robert Smith
Wardrobe Supervisor – Jennifer Mckee
Props – Heather Blonsky, Dertrez Pressley, David AE Levy, Rusty Meyers
Casting – Dertrez Pressley, Rusty Meyers
Location Manager – Rusty Meyers
Still Photography – Zoltan Bango
Editor – Brandon Christensen
Colorist – Matthew Greene
Visual FX – Al Heck
Sound Design – Brandon Christensen
Sound Mixer – Matthew Greene
Publicity Director – David AE Levy

Special Thanks to:
Tommy Rocker’s Mojave Beach Bar & Grill 4725 Dean Martin Drive
Havana Cigar Company 3900 Paradise Road
ONE2VAPOR 8868 S. Eastern Ave #107

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