Project Description

In 2015 I worked for a fellow Jewish family ran company 1NetPac Inc and later, in the same suite, a film company Cinema World Pictures.
Here was the office

I was hired by award-winning salesman Matthew Brown, CEO of 1NetPac Inc, to hire and manage a development team for Nginx based architecture and development of 317 news and streaming related websites and help with producing content for the platforms.
It was a colossal project, and I had the privilege to meet many movers and shakers in the Las Vegas community as a result.
From the family owners of the El Cortez Hotel and Casino to the savvy business owner, Derek Stevens, of the D Casino to pitch e-sports events.
I meet with politicians and government, as well as popular mobile video game developers.
I even meet one of the original singers of the Beach Boys.
All these meetings were about content development and content acquisition-related.

It was a pleasure working on this project.
I hope to work on another project like this sometime in the future,
good business starts with good relationships.